Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Visual Guide To Inflation

inflation, economics, visual guide, economics for teens, economics for teenagers, teenage economist, teen economistby Viva Avasthi

Check this out! It's a really entertaining guide :) I don't know much about the various economic fields of thought yet, but apparently this is heavily based on the Keynesian view. How effective do you think this guide is? Are there any changes that you would make to it?

 Read on to see the complete guide.

inflation, economics, visual guide, economics for teens, economics for teenagers, teenage economist, teen economist

Any opinions?
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  1. A very nice and simple explanation of inflation for young students of economics. Imagine a small town where nothing much happens and everything remains same all the time. Can get boring and uninspiring isn't it? Similarly, a city where people are rioting for food can be a very dangerous place to be in...
    This is how no inflation or high inflation are like. The ideal situation is that small town with some development happening all the time giving interesting employment and earnings to the people living there enjoying a good quality if life whilst seeing that modest growth.
    Its just one perspective of this complex phenomenon and certainly not the whole thing....
    But it's refreshing to see these views through the eye's of a young student of economics like yourself.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I completely agree with what you've written and I really find it very intriguing how the theory so very directly affects each and every one of us. I will be exploring other aspects of inflation soon :)

  2. This makes inflation seem incredibly simple, when it seems to actually be a hard subject and concept to understand. It's definitely helped me work out what's good and the balance that is needed in the economy. The whole blog is a real help, thanks h (:

    1. Thank you :) It's really nice to hear that the blog's been helpful and I hope that the future posts are just as useful for you!


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