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Cuts Cost Growth
We face a decade of decay and austerity – this is no less than a national disaster and one that we must address quickly. James Wand

Made In Britain: Book Review (Part 1)
Made In Britain, by Evan Davis, has provided me with an excellent overview of how Britain's economy is structured as well as how it has developed into what it is and what the outlook for Britain's future is. Viva Avasthi

China at a Glance
China is becoming much more important in the world economy, meaning recent reports of a slowdown cast doubts into the minds of pundits abroad. Chris Pearson

The LIBOR rate scandal - Is Barclays solely to blame?
It seems that months after the LIBOR scandal broke out, Barclays is still the only bank whose public reputation is being destroyed. But is Barclays solely to blame for fixing the LIBOR rate? Karina Shooter

The Social Contract: Part 2
How can society be improved so that both today's and tomorrow's generations can live happily? What is it that stops society from restoring the social contract? Viva Avasthi

The Euro Crisis - How Did We Get To Where We Are?
The world is in the middle of very turbulent financial times, particularly in Europe. In the first of two articles I will explain how the current situation has arisen. Hannah Gent

Sweatshops have been branded as places where the poor in developing countries are forced to work under horrible conditions for massive multinational companies. But is this really the case? Are there benefits to so-called 'sweat shops'? Viva Avasthi


And so it Spins
When talking about politics, politicians, and especially political corruption, you often hear the term 'Revolving Door' come up. 'They are just a part of the revolving door,' or 'It's all just one big revolving door'. But what does that even mean? Eyrie Clark

A Guide to the Syrian Uprising

Here's a simple guide to what is happening currently in Syria. The 'Syria Crisis' started with protests earlier in 2011 when protesters asked for the release of political prisoners. Hannah Gent

History of Economics: Why It's Still a Teenager
Why is economics such a new subject? This article discusses the factors which contributed to the birth of the economics that we study today. Viva Avasthi

Communism vs. Capitalism
Communism and capitalism provide two very different ways of life. Is one better than the other? Charlotte Wright


The Standard Model of Particle Physics and the Higgs Field: What are they exactly?
Interested in particle physics? This article focuses on the recent discovery about the Higgs boson particle. Sparshita Dey

What is Time?
Time has always been a mystery, which explains why so many Sci-Fi movies are based on it. But what is time really? This article investigates. Sparshita Dey


First World Problems and Some Solutions
What are "first world problems" and how can they be tackled? Find out in this thought-provoking article. Clemency Flitter

Older Women in the Media
An article looking at attitudes to older women presenting on TV. Clemency Flitter

Can Murder be Justified?
Murder cannot be justified, because all in all, it is not acceptable to take away someone else's chance at life... Right? Salma Rana

Some Thoughts On...'Soaps'
It seems the 'soap' is an integral part of society. What is it that makes people so addicted? Karen Birnie


Thought for the Week
Weekly quotes to make you think! Shireen Avasthi

Older Women in the Media
An article looking at attitudes to older women presenting on TV. Clemency Flitter

Can Murder be Justified?
Murder cannot be justified, because all in all, it is not acceptable to take away someone else's chance at life... Right? Salma Rana

Ageing: Why Are People Scared of It?
There are so many people out there who are afraid of ageing, but the question is, why? Shireen Avasthi


A Modern Monarchy?
It seems that the monarchy in Britain is more popular than ever! But is it a modern monarchy or would it be better if the UK didn't have a royal family at all? Clemency Flitter

Ten ways gender equality is still a big problem. Shireen Avasthi


Osborne to Re-set Banking System
George Osborne announced that 2013 would be “the year we re-set our banking system”. He is forcing big banks to ring-fence their riskier investment banking operations from their retail operations, threatening that those banks which fail to comply will be separated completely. Karina Shooter

A Simple Guide to the Libor Rate
An easy to understand explanation of the Libor rate to make the rather confusing subject much easier to get to grips with. Viva Avasthi

When the chips are down, the trades are up!
Poker (a bluffing game of luck) is seen by many as having direct links with trading… Daniel Hearn

Stephanomics Review: Whose fault is the economic crisis?
"Who deserves most blame for the financial mess we're all in? Is it the bankers? Or should we also save some time for the economists?" Viva Avasthi