Friday, 8 June 2012

Cultural Economics: Part 1

by Viva Avasthi

Since people are the driving force in economics, the question of how the economy can create attitudes and vice versa is one that I've been pondering over recently. After a bit of magic from Google, I've found out that this branch of economics is called cultural economics, where 'culture' is the shared beliefs and attitudes of particular groups.

people, culture, cultural economicsI've decided to write a few articles on this subject. Although my primary focus will be on the British economy and culture, I will also be looking at countries around the world in my investigation and I would love for you to send in your personal opinions about how the culture of where you live might be influencing the local economy and how the economy could have helped to create that particular culture.

Let's start by exploring how culture and economics are closely interconnected through the use of a scenario...